I would like to thank your company for the support given to my son in our recent court case. An intermediary being there took a lot of pressure off me as a parent and also allowed my son,who has Mental Health problems, a voice.

Very impressed with the detail of the report and the careful recommendations contained therein. Excellent interaction with client both within Court building and then whilst supporting him in giving evidence. Left a very good impression on Defence, Defendant’s family, Prosecution and the Judge.

Counsel wanted me to pass on their sincere thanks to you and the company for being so responsive and accommodating with regard to the late booking on Mon eve, so that an intermediary was there on Tuesday.

Abi Dixon, defence counsel

I just wanted to pass on some feedback in relation to your intermediary who has been assisting our client both yesterday and today.  They were absolutely brilliant.  They were very well prepared and helped to make matters run very smoothly.

Alex Panayides, Hayman Solicitors

Excellent! Very generous sharing of expertise at a realistic level

Angela King

Your assistance was absolutely invaluable, and your report excellent and amazingly quick.


Thank you for your help, you turned what could have been the trial from hell, that I have been worrying about for some time into just another day at the office.

Barrister to Intermediary

“I should like to take this opportunity to express my huge gratitude for the sterling assistance given by your intermediary. She has helped me greatly with how best to speak to my client, and she was absolutely invaluable during cross examination with many constructive suggestions about rephrasing questions. The judge has been extremely receptive to your intermediary’s advice.”

Barrister, 4PB, London

The Communicourt Intermediary assisted the defence team in the case at XX Crown Court. I must say, the intermediary is an asset to the company – as I’m sure you know, already.

I was very impressed by the intermediary’s professionalism and abilities. This case presented very challenging circumstances and the assistance we received throughout was first class. I recommended the company based on a previous experience and having worked with this intermediary on this occasion, I would not hesitate to recommend the company again.

Barrister, Apex Chambers, Cardiff

I worked with your intermediary, Emilee, recently and I just wanted to let you know how extremely impressed I was with the way she conducted herself and assisted throughout…. Emilee worked really hard to offer the client as much assistance and support as was possible. I found Emilee to be intuitive, flexible and resourceful. I would very happily recommend her to my colleagues in future.

Barrister, Fountain Chambers

I would just like to say how grateful I was for the help, guidance, and assistance from one of your intermediaries. You should also know that he got an honourable mention in the judgement. The judge commented that she thought he was ‘exceptional’ and assisted the Court greatly, making her job that much easier.

Barrister, Guildford Chambers

I have recently represented a client at X Crown Court, as his defence counsel and ‎I wanted to let you know what an invaluable part of the process your intermediary was. His language processing skills meant he understood almost nothing of what happened in court without her. For almost 2 weeks he relied upon the intermediary entirely. His dementia was such that he forgot her name at least once per day. She repeated to him patiently and skilfully what had just happened, or what was going to happen in court.

Barrister, London

I also have no doubt whatsoever that the Judge also valued your intermediary’s contributions. Your intermediary was able to give evidence to the Judge in two ground rules hearings which informed about my client’s capacity for understanding and processing. She made very helpful suggestions about how to move on, including producing a written document to assist us with giving evidence. He was extremely fortunate to have had her assistance.

Barrister, London

Communicourt provide a fantastic service from first contact through to the experts at court. They assisted with obtaining funding from the court prior to the hearing and then provided clear detailed information to the Court when requested to do so. The intermediary’s manner with our client was superb, gentle, friendly and supportive whilst remaining professional and independent at all times.

Damian Zelazowski, Solicitor Advocate

When he did give evidence, the Communicourt intermediary was able to allay his fears and nervousness and he gave evidence clearly. The intermediary ensured the questions put to the defendant were such that he could understand them. She had no hesitation in rephrasing a question from the Judge into language which he could follow. I appreciate she was simply doing her job but in my view she carried out her work extremely well….

David McGonigal

Can I take this opportunity to thank you so, so much for your assistance with this enquiry. Your expertise and experience were invaluable and it was a pleasure to work with you

DC Sarah Manton

I certainly found it much easier communicating with the client at all times with the intermediary’s assistance.

Defence Barrister

I would like to thank Claire for assistance at Court over the last two days.  She was professional and supportive and provided an excellent service.

Defence Counsel

I have just been involved in a case where we used Communicourt for the first time and in family care proceedings.  I was sceptical as to how a speech and language expert would help with an overly anxious client and thought I had a good rapport with the client so was it really needed.  I was so wrong.  I particularly valued the team approach given that for this client the stakes, as always in a care case, were incredibly high . I know that we were able to get him through the court process much better . All of us, including the judge, were very impressed with the service, thank you

Diana Lessing

I have been asked by the barrister to pass on her gratitude for your support provided to her client, which was of a high professional standard throughout. There is no doubt in her mind that her client was enabled to participate fully in the proceedings.

Estelle Conron, Bird & Co Solicitors, Lincolnshire

‘May I say, once again, what a fantastic service you provide. The intermediary you sent today was absolutely fantastic, efficient, informative and very helpful. We look forward to working with you again’

Evonne Birch-Jackson, Solicitor

I wanted to thank you again for your involvement in the case and your invaluable help today, even though the trial didn’t go ahead as planned. There is just no way I could have dealt with the issues involved and still have devoted the time to the client that she deserved. It reinforced my commitment to, and appreciation of, the work you and your colleagues do.

family barrister

I wanted to write to say how impressed I was with the work that Jessica did with one of my clients on a recent case. Jessica took over the case for the final hearing. She was absolutely excellent with the client and went over and above making sure he was able to participate. She quickly developed a bond with him. He really struggled with his mental health during the hearing and she helped him access appropriate resources and signposted him sensitively to support. Had Jessica not been with him, there is no chance he would have been able to give evidence or probably even attend at court. She updated the Judge throughout the hearing and was absolutely invaluable to me in assisting me to represent my client properly. The Judge was very complimentary for the work that she had done throughout the hearing and specifically thanked her in the judgment. I wanted to express my thanks to Jessica and give feedback.

Henry Hyams Solicitors and Park Square Barristers

I was so pleased and proud for you over the Derbyshire case that was reported by CPS. This is another case where you must have felt you really made a difference. Well done!

Joyce Plotnikoff

I have had the absolute pleasure this week of working alongside one of your intermediaries Alyx. What a true example of professionalism and a credit to your organisation Alyx is. We were working with an extremely difficult client who I don’t think either of us could have managed solely.

Alyx was calm, professional and extremely understanding and reactive to the clients needs at all times. This has been a true example of excellent team working.

I would hope to have Alyx supporting on any other case I work on in the future where an intermediary is needed. An absolute asset to Communicourt.

Julie Earls, Director, Appoint Us Services (Midlands) CIC

May I also please let you know that the intermediary for the booking was absolutely brilliant. We would welcome her support for this client and any other booking in the future. The client and counsel both raved about her.



Louisa Bazett, Taylor Rose

Thanks so much for your help. I think you guys are incredible at making us better at our jobs. You have been completely on the ball and smiley and bright throughout, despite all the problems and long days etc.. We were very lucky to have your help and support.



Lucinda Wicks, Barrister, Coram Chambers, London

If it had not been for the extremely impressive and dedicated involvement of Naomi Mason, a registered Intermediary with considerable experience of facilitating the evidence of vulnerable witnesses in the criminal and family courts, in all probability, X would have found it quite simply impossible to say as much as she did.

Mrs Justice Pauffley

A highly skilled and experienced intermediary who attended to her task with utmost professionalism.

Mrs Justice Pauffley

You are brilliant!  Thank you for such excellent & prompt service…………..

Parveen Woods

It was a real joy to work with someone so talented in their field. You show a great passion for your work. I hope our paths cross again

PC Suki Kharaud

We found the service to be thoroughly professional and have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

Ross solicitors