Communicourt works with people in the family courts, at all stages of the legal process. We understand how the family court works, and our intermediaries provide a vital service for people at some of the most difficult and distressing moments of their lives.

Our role is to ensure that the service user fully understands the process, is actively involved in any decision making, and is able to respond to questions accurately when giving any evidence. Following one of our assessments, our intermediaries can provide a report detailing communication recommendations and any special measures which your client may need.

Find out more about what is involved in the assessment process by viewing this video or download this ‘What happens at an assessment’ flyer.


You can make a referral through our online portal, or find out more by calling us on 0121 663 0931.

I have just been involved in a case where we used Communicourt for the first time and in family care proceedings. I was sceptical as to how a speech and language expert would help with an overly anxious client and thought I had a good rapport with the client so was it really needed. I was so wrong. I particularly valued the team approach given that for this client the stakes, as always in a care case, were incredibly high. I know that we were able to get him through the court process much better. All of us, including the judge, were very impressed with the service, thank you.

Diana Lessing

I wanted to thank you again for your involvement in the case and your invaluable help today, even though the trial didn’t go ahead as planned. There is just no way I could have dealt with the issues involved and still have devoted the time to the client that she deserved. It reinforced my commitment to, and appreciation of, the work you and your colleagues do.

Family barrister