“Thanks so much for your help. I think you guys are incredible at making us better at our jobs. You have been completely on the ball and smiley and bright throughout, despite all the problems and long days etc.. We were very lucky to have your help and support.”

“I certainly found it much easier communicating with the client at all times with the intermediary’s assistance.” 

“I have just been involved in a case where we used Communicourt for the first time and in family care proceedings.  I was sceptical as to how a speech and language expert would help with an overly anxious client and thought I had a good rapport with the client so was it really needed? I was so wrong. I particularly valued the team approach given that the stakes for this client, as always in a care case, were incredibly high. I know that we were able to get him through the court process much better. All of us, including the judge, were very impressed with the service, thank you”

“Communicourt provide a fantastic service from first contact through to the experts at court. They assisted with obtaining funding from the court prior to the hearing and then provided clear detailed information to the Court when requested to do so. The intermediary’s manner with our client was superb, gentle, friendly and supportive whilst remaining professional and independent at all times.”