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Just Launched: Series 2 of The Accessing Justice Podcast (Hidden Disabilities)

We’re delighted to announce that the second series of Communicourt’s Accessing Justice blog has launched. This series will focus on Hidden Disabilities, from ADHD and aphasia, to trauma and stammering. 

This fortnight we are launching the series with an episode about stammering, featuring discussion between intermediay Miriam John and her former SLT lecturer (and stammering expert) Dr David Ward. Their conversation explores different stammering presentations, the possible impacts of stammering in legal proceedings, the ‘stammering iceberg’ and Miriam’s own experience of stammering.

Three more episodes are set to launch over January and February, with future podcasts coming later in 2023:

  • 16th January – Trauma with Dr Cliff Hawkins & Carla Millington (Intermediary)
  • 30th January – Stroke with Austin Willett of Different Strokes & Miriam John (Intermediary)
  • 13th February – ADHD UK panel discussion with William Scrimshire (MD of Communicourt)

We hope you’ll enjoy Accessing Justice. To join the discussion or to request future topics regarding communication difficulties and legal proceedings, please contact us on Twitter.