Are you emotionally resilient?

Communicourt runs regular CPD training for our intermediaries. One of our most recent programmes focused on emotional resilience. We asked three of the intermediaries who took part in the training to tell us about their experiences: Where this started: We have been finding different ways to keep our skills updated... Continue reading

Leaving lockdown: the changing Covid-19 landscape at court

The effect of COVID-19 restrictions has been seismic across UK justice system. Lockdowns and reduced court capacities have contributed to the backlog of Crown court cases which is now in excess of 57,000 cases. In a bid to clear this backlog, the Ministry of Justice has recently announced they are... Continue reading

Communicourt joins RCI Group

Communicourt has joined the RCI Group, a family of values-driven independent businesses who work with people at a vulnerable point in their lives. This investment recognises the hard work that Communicourt has done over the past 10 years to establish the organisation as a market leader in supporting vulnerable people... Continue reading

Epilepsy and how it affects communication

By Sarah Smith Today (26) is Purple Day, set up by The Epilepsy Society to raise awareness and vital funds for research and support. Most people think they know what epilepsy is and that it causes seizures, but these seizures can also lead to temporary loss of function in one... Continue reading

Neurodiversity: difference or disability?

Sophie Tompson and Jen Clark Judy Singer first coined the phrase ‘neurodiversity’in the late 1990’s. Singer was a sociologist who had a diagnosis of autism, but he didn’t believe this to be a disability. He believed that all minds are unique and there are infinite numbers of variations on how... Continue reading

Working as a Court Appointed Intermediary

Laura Kington There is no such thing as a 'typical' day in the life of an intermediary. Our roles vary hugely from day to day, working with vulnerable people with a variety of communication issues, and in numerous settings. We work across youth, criminal and family courts, mainly with defendants... Continue reading

Celebrating 10 years of Communicourt

Ten years ago, a commitment was made within Section 104 of the Coroners and Justice Act to allow certain vulnerable defendants the assistance of an intermediary. This is the only part of the Act that has not yet been implemented, leaving a huge gap in support for people with communication... Continue reading

Sharing Covid-19 learning

Despite the disruption that Covid-19 has caused across the country, it has been vital for legal proceedings to continue. Like many essential services, Communicourt has adapted quickly and moved much of our work online to ensure the court system can continue to function fairly. We have pulled all of our... Continue reading

Protecting the vulnerable – our response to Covid-19

Our intermediaries have responded quickly and with sensitivity to the challenges of Covid-19. We have adapted how we work, to ensure that vulnerable people aren't deprived of the communications support they need to access the justice system. Find out more Continue reading