National business award for Communicourt

Communicourt has been handed the silver award for Positive Impact in the SME National Business Awards. The Positive Impact Award is for businesses who innovate and adapt to thrive and benefit the wider community. The awards ceremony took place on Friday 1 December at Wembley Stadium. Communicourt was recognised for... Continue reading

Reflections from the Access to Justice Conference 2023

This month  we hosted Communicourt’s first ever conference. Held in partnership with UK legal reform charity JUSTICE, the Access to Justice Conference 2023 took place in Leeds and online, with attendees including legal practitioners, law students, clinical psychologists, ISVAs (independent sexual violence advisors) and representatives from many other connected professions.... Continue reading

DLD Day: A hidden difficulty in legal proceedings

20th October 2023 marks Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) Day. The importance of this event is not to be underestimated. DLD is one of the least known speech, language and communication difficulties, but a condition which affects approximately 7.6% of all children (amounting to around 1 million children in the UK).... Continue reading
Green speech bubble on yellow background, inside the bubble are three dots, indicating a pause.

Understanding Selective Mutism & adapting legal proceedings

October is Selective Mutism Awareness Month. This month, we published a new edition of the Accessing Justice Podcast. In the latest episode, intermediary, Demi, interviews speech & language therapist Susannah Thomson about all things Selective Mutism (including the fantastic work of SMIRA, the Selective Mustism Information & Research Association). Demi... Continue reading
A black and white picture of Georgia on a blue background

My Intermediary Journey: Georgia and speaking English as a second language

Hello, everyone! I’m Georgia, and I've been working as an intermediary at Communicourt for the past year and a half. I was born and grew up in Greece and moved to the UK over five years ago for my post-graduate studies. English is my second language, and I must admit... Continue reading
Doughnut with a bite taken out of it. Text on top reads: Vulnerable accused conference: a digested read

Bite-sized ‘take homes’ from the Vulnerable Accused Conference

This month, members of the Communicourt team attended the Vulnerable Accused Conference at the University of Birmingham, attended by academics from a range of backgrounds (including law, criminology and speech and language therapy). Over the two-day event, speakers presented their research on a range of topics relevant to the intermediary role... Continue reading
Rebecca (intermediary) outside Newday Christian Youth Festival her arms are outstretched in front of a big tent and she is smiling.

Rebecca Volunteers at Newday Christian Youth Festival

A big well done to intermediary, Rebecca, for her (almost certainly exhausting!) work as a Youth Leader at Newday Christian Youth Festival. Each year, Communicourt staff can take up to two paid volunteering days to support causes they are passionate about. Here's what she got up to... "This summer, I... Continue reading

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Communication & the Courts

September is FASD Awareness Month, dedicated to raising awareness around Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the range of symptoms that people with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder can experience. The event also celebrates the achievements of people with FASD across the UK. The National Organisation for FASD are also working with... Continue reading
Youth Mental HEalth Day logo

Youth Mental Health at Court for Youth Mental Health Day 2023

by Anna Carter (intermediary) Youth Mental Health Day aims to encourage understanding and discussion of mental health in young people. According to  , 4 in 10 young people experience mental health difficulties. At Communicourt, we frequently assist young people who are experiencing mental health difficulties whilst facing court proceedings. In... Continue reading
Florence in front of a whiteboard which features a list of orders in care proceedings - she is explaining how to simplify these concepts.

Florence shares intermediary role with Social Work students

Intermediary & Team Leader, Florence, recently used one of her Volunteering Days to introduce the intermediary role to social work apprentice students at Liverpool John Moores University. Florence shared a range of strategies to support service users with communication needs during legal proceedings, and gained a lot of insight from... Continue reading