Our purpose

We want people with communication differences or difficulties to have equal access to legal proceedings, which could shape the course of their lives. We strive to identify and implement person-centred strategies which assist court users to participate effectively at all stages of the legal process, from conferences with their solicitor to giving evidence at court.

Our values

Our values guide the work of all members of the Communicourt team. From our bookings co-ordinators, to our intermediaries, our practice is led by five important values: Collaboration, Courage, Respect, Diversity and Innovation.

Collaboration is:

– being patient with each other
– working towards a shared goal
– sharing our knowledge, skills, resources and ideas with each other
– going the extra mile when you can, to get a difficult job done
– supporting and coaching others, so that we all learn together
– working together to solve a problem
– listening to each other
– being aware of and utilising each other’s strengths
– asking for help when we need it

How do we show this?

– we give each other time
– we share information and resources
– we turn up prepared and on time
– we go the extra mile to make sure our colleagues are fully prepared
– we do what we say we are going to do
– we are open and honest about what we can’t do
– we support legal professionals to develop their skills
– we make efforts to build rapport with everyone we work with
– we understand the boundaries and limitations of our role, and work within them
– we find opportunities to peer review each other’s work
– we provide constructive feedback

Innovation is:

– experimenting with different ways of doing things
– being willing to get it wrong
– learning from our experiences
– reacting to the individual and changing needs of the people we work with
– reflecting on what works and what doesn’t
– embracing change
– creative problem solving
– sometimes keeping it simple

How do we show this?:

– we try things even when they might not always work
– we learn from mistakes
– we reflect – and build on those reflections
– we have another go
– we adapt what we do for the person we are working with
– we do not have a set way of doing thingsusr
– we make time and space for creativity
– we share our good ideas, and look out for fresh ideas from others
– we are always learning through CPD and peer-support – and seek to implement our learning

Courage is:

– being honest with each other
– asking for help
– knowing when to challenge
– admitting you don’t always know the answer
– going outside your comfort zone, even when you feel nervous
– sharing your story
– setting boundaries and sticking to them
– apologising when you make mistakes
– saying no sometimes
– saying when you are uncomfortable
– raising your concerns
– standing up for what you feel is right

How do we show this?

– we give and accept constructive feedback
– we ask questions
– we seek support and ask for help
– we give support to colleagues who are facing difficult situations
– we take accountability for our actions
– we say sorry when we get it wrong
– we listen and respect each other’s boundaries
– we challenge when we don’t think something is right
– we consider the most appropriate way to raise our concerns
– we trust our own skills and abilities

Respect is:

– being honest and transparent
– recognising that how people eceive information is as important as how we deliver it
– setting our own boundaries and honouring other people’s boundaries
– everyone having the opportunity to change and develop
– listening and hearing
– being open to other ways of thinking, feeling and doing
– recognising that everyone has different priorities

How do we show this?:

– we respond to each other
– we are considerate of other’s time
– we understand that everybody sees things differently
– we recognise people’s skills and experiences are different to our own
– we know that some people may be better at things than we are
– we make the best decision at the time with the information available
– we recognise that sometimes we are the decision maker and sometimes we are not
– empower people with personal experience or particular expertise at all levels of the organisation
– we listen to other people’s opinions even if we don’t agree with them
– we trust each other to act in everyone’s best interests

Diversity is:

– what makes each of us unique
– about recognising, respecting, and valuing differences based on ethnicity, gender, age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, background, life experience and belief
– having an equal seat at the table and a voice within Communicourt
– feeling comfortable, whatever your differences
– being part of a community
– knowing that the organisation won’t always get it right but is committed to learning and improving

How do we show this?

– we listen
– we are open minded and non-judgmental
– we call out discrimination
– we make a conscious effort to have a diverse workforce
– we celebrate our own stories and the stories of others
– we recognise individuality and take a person-centred approach to supporting people
– we treat everyone equally
– we learn about people’s differences through CPD, blogs, Employee Forum, and Diversity Ambassadors to broaden our understanding
– we reflect and continuously strive to do better
– we encourage open conversations