We support the justice system at all levels, advising police officers, lawyers, judges, magistrates, witness service supporters, court personnel and probation officers – to maximise communication effectiveness during proceedings.

We often assist lawyers in planning how to ask questions when a defendant gives evidence, or suggest ways in which the environment for questioning could be adapted to minimise anxiety so that the person can give their best evidence.

Sometimes we are required to support a service user to give instructions during a conference with their legal team, or help a probation officer complete an interview for a pre-sentencing report.

Our role also becomes much broader and complex when working with defendants in criminal cases or respondents in family courts to that of the role of a witness intermediary. This is due to the nature of evidence inference, legalities of deals and pleas, and the need to instruct a legal team effectively.

Importantly, we seek to support the service user, whilst acting as an impartial officer of the court. Our sole job is to facilitate communication between all parties.

You can use our online portal to make a referral to Communicourt. Click on our ‘Referrals process’ image below to see how we work and the stages involved in a referral.