Communicourt was founded in 2011 by Naomi Mason and she had just one purpose in mind; to ensure fairness and justice for some of the most vulnerable people in society, at what is a critical point in their lives.

We started out with just one intermediary providing communication support to defendants in the criminal courts, now we have grown to become the leading provider of court appointed intermediary services in England and Wales.

“Communicourt will continue to campaign for greater access to support – we want to secure a future that ensures a fair system for all.”

William Scrimshire, Managing Director, Communicourt

Through the work of our intermediaries, we provide fairer access to justice for people with communication problems and disorders.

We employ more than 50 intermediaries to work across England and Wales, and we receive over 200 new referrals every month for intermediary services in the criminal and family courts.

Our intermediaries are highly trained and skilled, and we provide regular opportunities for continuing professional development. As an organisation, we are committed to raising the standards of court appointed intermediaries, to ensure every vulnerable person with a communication problem has access to a high-quality service.