Training & Professional Development


Communicourt recruits Speech & Language Therapists with an interest in the legal system, with relevant specialist knowledge and experience.   Induction includes a 5 day training programme with written and oral examination.   As part of the team, each intermediary maintains CPD, has regular supervision, is involved in peer review and support,  and attends regular in-house training.   If you think this work would be of interest to you, contact our office.   We are an expanding organisation and always looking for the best people to join our team.

Intermediary Job Description

Job Purpose:

  • To facilitate two-way communication between a defendant or witness or other party and the legal system.
  • To ensure that communication is as complete, coherent and accurate as possible.

Main Duties:

  • Quickly establish rapport with vulnerable defendant
  • Accurately and quickly assess the individual’s receptive and expressive communication  needs
  • Describe the communication needs to the law practitioners and work with them to enable the individual to participate in the court process.  This could include advice on the structure of questions and concepts that the individual has difficulty understanding
  • Where necessary actively facilitate communication between the individual and other parties to prevent or overcome a communication breakdown
  • Write reports on the individual’s communication needs and strategies for managing these needs which will be used at court

Essential Knowledge and Skills:

  • Fully qualified Speech and Language Therapist (Bachelor degree level or above)
  • Extensive experience in helping vulnerable adults to communicate
  • Experience in carrying out a full range of speech, language and communication assessments
  • Ability to develop strategies to help people understand and communicate
  • Experience in actively facilitating communication
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Experience working with a range of different professionals to tailor information in a way that makes it accessible to all parties
  • Experience in writing comprehensive reports on communication difficulties and solutions
  • To communicate clearly within the Communicourt team and on Communicourt’s behalf; to participate in individual supervision, to provide  work support to colleagues; to work within the framework of Communicourt’s policies and procedures and to undertake other duties as may reasonably be requested


N.B. We are happy to consider experienced Intermediaries registered with the Witness Intermediary Scheme, who are also Speech and Language Therapists, to work in our team.  However, there will be additional training requirements to join the Communicourt team because intermediaries working with defendants are involved at all stages of the trial, not just at evidence stage.

If you would like to know more about being an intermediary, email and request an information pack